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About US

DFM Financial NDIS Plan Management has over 30 years experience in financial management. From humble beginnings, the founders of the firm started helping local families with life insurance and savings accounts. As the decades past, DFM grew in both service offering and team members, employing the children of the founders who are still Directors of DFM Financial.

As the Financial industry landscape changed, DFM Financial changed to provide Business and Accounting services as well as providing NDIS Plan Management from 2016. The business has always been true to its Family beginning, with several family members of the founders still involved today.


The DFM Financial NDIS Plan Management Vision is to:
Enhance and Empower participant lives.
To do this, we believe our Mission is to provide personalised high-quality NDIS plan management services.

And to ensure we are able to achieve this mission, we focus on our Values which are:


We demonstrate care and empathy.


We listen and respond with clarity and guidance.


We work together to support the achievement of participants goals.

Commitment to excellence

We are committed to providing a trusted, professional and confidential service.

Provider No 4050026136


Our services are available to people with disability who are eligible for the NDIS. When a participant requests access to our services, this starts the entry process and they are provided a timely response regarding their request. If a participant decides to leave our services, this is referred to as exiting and can happen for a number of reasons. Our exit process is fair and transparent and upholds the rights of participants. We will support participants with an exit plan after we become aware of a participant who wishes to exit our services.

If you are not eligible for the NDIS, then we may still be able to help you through the Continuity of Support Programme.

Find out more by visiting our CoS page


Complete the below form or call 1300 725 071

Complete the below form or call 1300 725 071