Get online now at BankNet and save money by avoiding transaction fees.

Time is so precious these days, and online banking using BankNet saves lots of it. Why would you ever wait in a queue again? BankNet can also save you money, because you don’t pay any transaction fees. (Special Service Fees apply to some services.)

What are the features of BankNet?

With BankNet you can:

  • View account information
  • View transaction histories
  • View bank statements
  • Obtain a tax and interest summary
  • Transfer funds between your AMP Bank accounts
  • Transfer funds from your AMP Bank account to an account with another institution (after registering the account)
  • Pay bills using BPay
  • Create and maintain periodic payments, transfers and bill payments
  • Stop personal cheques that have not been presented
  • Change your personal details (e.g. address, phone numbers and your BankNet password)
  • Re-order cheque and deposit books
  • Send secure messages to AMP Bank
  • Order bank cheques
  • Download transactions to personal accounting software
  • Nickname accounts.
  • Activate your AMP Bank Access Card